As of December 2019, here is the timeline of the aquisition of two racks of composable hardware to be used for the COMPaaS project:

  • We started investigating ‘composable architecture’ in November of 2016.
  • We purchased one Liqid high-speed PCI-e SSD card high-throughput computation in March 2017.
  • We investigated buying a 22U rack of composable hardware in June 2017.
  • We specified a ‘development kit’ in November 2017, with 2 nodes, 2 GPUs , 2 SSDs and 100G NICs:
    • Ordered in December 2017,
    • Deliver in March 2018. 
  • We developed the requirements for a 2-rack design starting in November 2017:
    • First quote in mid January 2018.
  • We ordered the 2-rack system in July 2019.
  • We received delivery in late October 2019
  • We took over the system from the vendor in early December 2019
Racks being delivered
Two racks of composable hardware
Compaas Timeline
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